Sponsors & Partners

FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2017 – Berlin is supported by the following sponsors & partners:

SWC 2017 Sponsorenairweave, a premium bedding topper, has consistently focused on sleep study for its product development with a vision to create Quality Sleep for people around the world.
The scientifically supported mattress is proven to enhance athletic performance of its users as it allows for more restful slumber through its ergonomic, breathable design and high resilience which help users turn over more easily. airweave helps reduce restlessness while sleeping and distribute weight evenly, all of which allows users relax, recover and feel invigorated. airweave remains the choice for many people seeking Quality Sleep and high performance which include world-class athletes and competent swimmers.
SWC 2017 SponsorenOMEGA is the Official Timekeeper of the series. Its partnership with FINA since 1973 and presence at several major international aquatic events reaffirms OMEGA’s commitment to swimmers around the world: To provide the best possible technology to accurately measure the results of each participating athlete, and to ensure that all new technology keeps pace with ever-better performances!
SWC 2017 SponsorenSpeedo®, the world’s leading brand for swimwear, is characterised by its passion for life around and in the water. It creates new, revolutionary technologies, designs and innovations and supports all levels of swimming: from beginners to elite swimmers such as the exceptional Michael Phelps. In the 1920s, Speedo® made history with its Racerback: The first swimsuit without wool fibre. In 2008, Speedo® redefined swimwear yet again with the Fastskin® LZR RACER® – the fastest and technologically most advanced swimsuit that has ever been produced. In 2011, Speedo® launched another world’s first with its Fastskin® Racing System – cap, goggle and swimsuit functioning as a unit. Speedo® belongs to Speedo Holdings B.V. and is represented in more than 170 countries worldwide – in Germany it is represented by Oberalp Deutschland GmbH. If you want to learn more, please go to www.speedo.de.
SWC 2017 Sponsoren
SWC 2017 Sponsoren